We have a growing network of colleagues in Australia and internationally. They include:

Paul Ehrlich   Biologist, The Population Bomb
Lyn Goldsworthy   CEO, Frank Fenner Foundation
Joan Diamond   CEO, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere
Mark Stafford-Smith   Future Earth
Steve Waddell    Future Earth
Phil Ireland   Chair, GetUp!
Hugh Mackay   Social researcher, Australia
Julian Cribb    Science writer, Surviving the 21st Century
Rob Harding   Population lobbyist, Washington DC
Brittany Ganguly   MAHB Communication Director
Colin Meurk     Landcare researcher, New Zealand
Steve Bhaerman   Comedian, political activist, Spontaneous Evolution
Peter Tait   Public Health Association Australia
Ben Bowler   Unity Earth
Andrew Gaines     Be The Change Australia, Kitchen Table Conversations
Lalith Gunaratne   Solar power entrepreneur, Canadian Club of Rome
Mike Hanauer   Sustainability, climate change and population activist
Dagmar Thürnagel   Expand The Box training, Germany
Tim Hollo    Green Institute, Australia
Mark Stafford-Smith        Future Earth
Steve Waddell   Future Earth
Chris Riedy   Institute for Sustainable Futures
Angela Williamson   Be The Change Australia
Boudi Maassen   Psychotherapist
Maria Katelaris   Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance
Janet Rice   Greens Senator, Australia
Will Steffen   Scientist
Bob Douglas   Australia 21
Heidi Little   Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning